Traditional ways of tourism are no more the part of new trend as tourism industry is adopting a new shape leaving the scars of previous practices. A comprehensive research explores the advancement in this aspect. Tourists are competing the global market because it’s become a profession now. So, tourism insight is as much valued as the other kinds of awareness.



A report shares that social media campaigns are the snippet of every promotion now. It stimulates the desire for competing others. A revolutionized way of interacting others and buzzing one’s business is possible only through it. And almost 83% companies are neglecting this aspect which enhance the outreach of any company without investing much.


Is it really a core driver to enhance company’s outreach?


The answer is surely yes, as people share their experiences in the form of images, videos and live calls with so much attractive and pinging content. Increasingly, most of the white collar organizations post their latest packages, deals, special offers and other information to catch the attention of the users. At buffer, they share the flexible services i-e online booking for upcoming tours and so on.



A survey report says that use of mobile phone is common when interaction and communication takes place. Current communication system is closely connected with the navigation now in digital world as most of the people took advantage of it in their businesses too. But almost 93% of the whole world is stick to use for interaction only.


It is recommended to utilize it for the initial research and booking also. Moreover, during the trip to navigate the restaurants and suitable locations to hit. At buffer, it may assist in finding the local attractions, green sides and hiking tracks too.



Did you ever experience food tourism ?

Food adventure is one of the emerging trends everywhere. Statistically, almost 80% people enjoy food tourism on daily basis while casual tours are apart from it. When talk about some casual visits, it includes food adventures more as compared to simple tours, isn’t it?


A research is ranging from Classical and traditional food to modern recipes and dine outs. When to ponder over food trials, it comes into conclusion that food is very closely linked with culture. Approximately, 96% tourists ignore particular food of the location even though they are there to experience the cultural impacts.


Did you ever relish the unique food?


When it comes to know about traditions of any place it always comes down to food and dress. So, one must experience specific meal of a particular area. It’s the latest trend in tourism to run behind aroma and to relish the dishes of the desired place they visit. At buffer, travelers aren’t simply dining out, they enjoy farm tour to enjoy fresh food either in bar-b-q or simple classical dishes.


Visit to food market is another way of delighting food in comparison, isn’t it? A report says that usually people visit food streets to judge the taste in difference. It is recommended that one must savor to get the variety of items.


You know what? Food is also connected with the natives of the area. One is taking pleasure in, while knowing about others’ civilization of the location. People are having sustainable visits with awesome food options. So, one must kill the two birds with one arrow…



A survey report says that kitchen cabinets are a focal point for the designers. Quality construction for custom cabinets is the only task which needs to be considered most, but on the contrary, kitchen wall decor is the aspect which is ignored by the most of designers. Decorative wall papers and marbles are the latest trend, so it is recommended to pay heed on the walls too.



Most of the designers don’t bother the work-flow of the kitchen which effects the routine functions in the space. It is recommended to incorporate kitchen appliances in a tricky way to work with a flow. Sinks and stoves must be in a position to connect. Similarly, with electric appliances, one shouldn’t go out of the box to get in touch with those. Kitchen space should be managed in a unique and approachable way.



So, HOLACIA worked for turning “HOW!!!!” into, “WOW!!!!”……

It is observed from different sources that by giving a fresh white brush to the ceiling, one can get rid of the darkness of the place. Light-coloured paints, fixtures and accessories can convert the cave into a captivating space.

Do you like bright colours for your spot?


It is experienced that saturated colours, at one side, give a gloomy effect and on the other hand add liveliness to the space. So, amalgamation supplies festivity of mood. Colours act like supplements for natural lights. One should use it thoughtfully and wisely.

Do you think mirror can also be the source of brightness to your space?


According to the snippet of the research, mirror placement amazingly helps to brighten up the place. One should double the amount of sunlight by arranging an array of small mirrors. Brightening of staircase with mirror is an economic way which overcomes the fear of spending plenty of money.

Did you ever experience glossy walls?


Almost 61% people prefer glossy wall to enhance beauty even though it doesn’t reflect light. Matte look extends a hand to catch the light from all directions so one must go for it if desiring for luminosity.

It is also experienced that track lights, fluorescent tubes, pendent lights and floor lamp with light colours are the sources of defusing the light. But it is suggested to use these thoughtfully according to the place.

Do you think that loud-coloured accessories are also adding up to darken your den?


Loud interior of the Living room creates a dramatic mood. Placement of accessories has plethora of styles. And it has proved that one can travel through drab to fab by choosing a sensible way of arranging the furniture, selecting light-coloured cushions and curtains, wall hangings and even plants if have.


Do you ever being offered Solo Adventures?

HOLACIA is helping to explore the new trends and tastes in tourism. Unfashionable and exhausted adventures are being departed now. Solo Adventures have become an emerging trend everywhere in the West. And the HOLACIANS have noticed and experienced even.


Adventure Activities console your mind and heart……

Almost 83% of the tourists in Pakistan are tuned to confined tours. Latest travel behaviors have evolved the whole trend of tourism, doesn’t it? Instead of travelling in a group and mere watching the greenery and nature, they are now more fascinated to hiking and cycling kind of activities which are the stand out choices for the travelers nowadays. They are more spellbound for Safaris adventures. So, it is experienced that thrilling and delighted activities are solitary and flexible in their nature as compared to the destined journey.


An Adventure designed, according the needs of the Explorer…..

It has been scrutinized that moving in the clusters don’t allow individual savor. As modern era is the age of machinery and people are getting sick of continuous numbing. They are rushing towards remote and solo places to get the serenity and reconciliation of mind and heart. Isn’t it more tempting for them to take trips designed to their needs? Yes, more attraction is towards the fulfillment of the individual requirements.




Almost every tourism company offers tourism packages including fares, food and hotel arrangements. Statistically, it is about 96% companies having brochures and details of the same kind. But when we talk about real adventures, it isn’t bound at all. One must have real food in real surroundings and the stuff like that to live that specific place ensuring the safety. Expensive food and shelter isn’t the part of real adventure.


Solo Adventures and Trendy Tourism has increased number of tourists. And this number is going to increase in the next few years.

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