Web Development

Holica is a leading website designing company based in Pakistan providing web design and development services to people across the world. We constantly keep on updating with the latest trends to meet the emerging needs of our clients. We also experiment with innovative ideas to make it more easy and simple for people to use.

The basic role of a web designer entails one to employ several skill sets in the production and maintenance of Web Sites. To deliver appropriate quality, they would need to harness knowledge in the following areas:

• Graphic design
• Interface design
• Authoring using standardized code and proprietary software
• User experience design
• Search engine optimization

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While the above mentioned are merely enablers that help him or her bag the job the real skill set required to enable them to keep the job goes much deeper than this. It centers on the inherent need for a Web Designer to possess an aesthetic sense and ability to empathize with the audience to deliver an enhanced web viewing experience through their designs.