Complaint Handling


Complaints are usually experienced by all the organizations but the question arises that are they healthy and valuable for the organization or detrimental? According to a grim picture, 35% of the organizations take complaints of the customers as a gift. Rest all are taking it negative as they are considering themselves among unblemished organizations. According to them everything is fine at their end so complaints are just to defame their organization. A comprehensive inquiry survey disclosed that only white-collar organizations are taking the complaints as a blessing for their organization. And they are burning the candle at both ends to satisfy their customers. They are having the view that customers are spending precious time for the improvement of their organization. So, as an efficient marketing agency, HOLACIA tried to work for handling it successfully leaving the positive image of one’s organization.

Did you ever experience any sort of criticism?

One report shares that only 19% people remain calm when being criticized. Although it is very difficult to face criticism but one must have to dominate one’s emotions by showing passive response. Emotional response will only be the cause of irritation and create an exacerbate situation for all.

Adequate Listening capacity is in almost ¼ of the whole population. It is suggested to be a good listener for others, instead of jumping to the gun. One must put oneself in others’ shoes to detect the actual problem. Arguments always lead towards unpleasant situations. What if you are being faced by an irrelevant person in case of discussing your problem?

Indirect dealing is found almost 57% people which exaggerate the issue instead of being solved. Deal the problem in a reciprocal way, interruption is always devastating. One mustn’t try to defame the company’s prestige. Concerned person deals the situation in better
way as compared to the unconcerned and irrelevant.

The most astonishing report explains that 73% marketers are confronting and arguing with the customers. It mere adds insult to the injury instead of traversing towards the solution. So, it is suggested to moderate the temper even if the customer is barking up the wrong tree. Would you think that our marketers try to solve the issue? Do they have potential to handle the extreme situations?

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